Dear Friends at Bogue, 

Thank you for making our winters, and falls, comfortably warm. We appreciate the Budget Plan & your automatic filling feature. It all makes things worry-free for our household. All your staff, on the phone w/accounting, or delivering oil to our tank are so pleasant & professional! 

-Vickie Easley



You are the best! Thank you so much for all you've done. I have already sent the agent my highest regard for you & Bogue Oil & told them if  I was living there I'd definitely continue a contract with you. Again, thank you & I look forward to using you on my next property. I will refer you out as needed as well with my peers. 

Shore Break Investment LLC 

Dear Mr. Bogue, 

Thank you for removing the old oil at our mom's home. We appreciate your help, and kind offer to return to remove the old tank if needed. Your reasonable price was most kind. 

Thank you again, 
Betsy Cahoon 



Thank you so much for your help on Easter Sunday! We truly appreciate everything you guys do now and have done before...thank you for taking time away from your family and friends on a holiday to help us with our work. 

Thank you 
From the team at Servpro of Virginia Beach/Oceana/Damneck

To the Bogue Brothers, 

I appreciate your business ethics. I never have to worry about my heat or my air conditioning. I know all I have to do, 24/7, is call. Thank you for honesty and integrity in your business.  

Gene is great! He is so polite, punctual, efficient, and he answers all my questions. In my opinion, he is the best service personnel I've ever worked with. 

Judith Kubo

Bogue Oil is the best company. Thanks for all the great service over the years 

-Mark Schuster

Dear Sirs, 

I am moving to Suffolk in April. The condo has a heat pump and electric A/C. I will no longer need your heating oil services. I would like to tell you that your crew ion the office and out on the trucks are very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I know a couple of times you went out of your way to deliver to me. Thank you! 

William B Rogerson 

Thank you for the receipt, and thanks to Lisa for suggesting that maybe my Master Card will count this purchase as they do a gasoline purchase and give a rewards credit as such on my next bill! From my understanding when reading the FAQ's on their website I didn't think they would count an oil purchase, but the customer rep said they would. (I got her ID number in case I have to dispute it!) And thanks for coming out the same day I called; it had gotten a little chilly in the house without heat! You always provide good, dependable service and I appreciate you. I also recommend you to my real estate clients who currently use oil and those who are considering a home with oil heat; I will continue to do so.
Thanks again.

- Judi McArthur
Rose and Womble Realty

Dear Bogue Oil staff.

Thank you for your continued help in recent weeks, especially when it came to getting the water out of my oil tank and then pumping the old oil into my new tank. I appreciate your help. Thanks also for delivering my regular heating oil when I need it. 

- Bob West 

I called your office to inquire about obtaining an Oil heat Burner Service Agreement. Unfortunately my tenants were not eligible for the contract I was asking for. At most companies, that would have been the end of the conversation, however Tina took the time to explain to me why and different things that I could do and should do as a landlord that I did not know. This information will enable me to now talk to my property manager to make some changes. You can be assured that I will have a clause about requiring automatic delivery in the lease and get a service contract with you. I found your Service Agreement to be written clearly and Tina answered all my questions. Keep her!! She has great personable skills and seems to genuinely care about people

- Kay Baigert

I am so happy with the service Gene did. It was night and day from my other technician*. I am very impressed in the way he performed his service and explained everything to me.

- Gary Robey

I am thrilled with your new technician (Gene)*. I had my A/C cleaned and serviced and within minutes my house cooled down!

- John Steffe

To: Milton/ Steven Bogue

I wanted to take a quick minute today to write to you a short note to let you know how pleased I was with the service of your company, specifically, your employee "Tony", whom I spoke with on the phone. I have recently dealt with your competitors and have been met across the board with general disinterest and ambivalence. When I called Tony at 7:30am last week, not only was he friendly and engaged at such an early hour, but he took the time to speak to me and answer my questions ranging from general oil heating to your company's policies. Tony, along with the prompt delivery of oil to my home, has convinced me that Bogue Oil is the only oil company I care to do business with. In fact, I am a local architect and I can tell you that because of the way your employees held themselves, I will encourage all of my renovation clients who happen to have oil heat to try Bogue Oil for their heating needs. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Brad Lockwood

Dear Bogue Oil,

I want to convey my utmost thanks and appreciation to one of your employees - Tina. We had quite a problem over the Thanksgiving holidays that involved an empty oil tank with water in it, a landlady who was untruthful, and no heat as it got colder and colder. Tina did everything in her power to get the furnace serviced, the water pumped out and oil on its way to take care of us. She was professional, caring and kind - the kind of person you NEED in customer service when your customer is distraught and worried about how to fix a problem. We are from Texas and knew nothing of oil heat. Tina took the time to not only care for our oil needs, she also educated us in the use of oil for heat. She must be a wonderful asset to your team. Please find some way to reward her for her fantastic service!


Pat and Bart DeForest

*Mr Ed Baum is no longer associated with Bogue Oil. Gene has been doing excellent work for Bogue Oil for the last four years.

Our Mission Statement

Bogue Oil will strive to improve the quality of life for our customers by understanding and respecting their needs; providing exceptional, individualized services to all; and actively supporting community organizations dedicated to the health, education and welfare of our neighborhoods and our families.
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