Residential and Commercial Heating Oil and Fuel Tanks 

Bogue Oil doesn’t just deliver oil and fuel to residential and commercial customers, we’re also the company Virginia residents rely on for the highest quality tanks and tank installation at affordable prices. Regardless of your tank needs, you can rest assured that we’ve seen it all, and we’ve got a solution that will meet your unique needs.

Heating Oil Equipment

With home and commercial heating equipment, the definition of value goes beyond "rock-bottom" prices, to include reliability, fuel efficiency and life span. The lowest priced unit could cost you more in the long run if it breaks down often, uses more energy and needs to be replaced sooner. At Bogue Oil, we only sell and install products that have proven to offer true value, most with ENERGY STAR® ratings. This allows us to offer our customers competitively priced heating oil equipment from reputable manufacturers along with high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiencies (AFUE).

Get Comfort Cubed with the FUELCUBE!

The FUELCUBE is small but mighty. The FUELCUBE diesel fuel above ground storage tank, built to IBC specifications, may be compact, but it sure packs a punch. This safe and efficient system won't only save you money, it will save you worries. The double-walled design and enclosed ENVIROconnect cabinet provide secondary containment which eliminates the need for pans or basins – or worries about tank leaks. With the FUELCUBE, you'll quickly and easily supply and transfer fuel where you need it, when you need it!
Use FUELCUBE for stand-by power, construction sites, equipment refueling, on-demand fuel supply and more! For more information on the FUELCUBE, call us at (757) 855-6251 or contact us online.

Storage Tanks

Bogue Oil is your oil storage tank specialist! We have a variety of tanks to meet your storage needs. We have home tanks and tank tubs, commercial tanks with either double-wall or single-wall/containment pan configurations, and environmentally friendly tanks (self-contained, exterior lockable ladder, 2,390 gallon capacity and featuring solid steel construction).

Cooling Equipment

Our commitment to service, reliability and energy efficiency extends to our sales and installation of your home or commercial cooling equipment. We apply the same standards and definition of value to your air conditioning, so you can enjoy true comfort all year long.

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Commercial Fuel and Oil Storage Equipment and Tanks in Virginia

Diesel, Kerosene, Gasoline Storage

From the smallest "mom and pop" store to the largest commercial complex, from rural farms to downtown office buildings, your business can rely on Bogue Oil for customized deliveries of gasoline, low-sulfur and high-sulfur diesel and clear and dyed kerosene.

Commercial Equipment

Bogue Oil will provide FREE on-site temporary aboveground oil storage tanks and pumps (double-walled OR single-walled with pan) with your fuel oil delivery, with capacities from 280 gallons to our environmentally friendly 2,390 tank. We also offer attractive financing options for permanent installations. Call us first at (540) 441-7397, and get the answers and the options your business needs!

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Heating Oil and Diesel

Heating Oil

Bogue Oil delivers high-quality, clean-burning oil heat to the Hampton Roads (Chesapeake, Hampton, Hampton Roads, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Tidewater, Virginia Beach) region, keeping our friends and neighbors warm throughout the heating season. The heating oil that you buy from us is no ordinary fuel. We deliver Flame Rite Premium Heating Oil, which is treated with a specially formulated additive combination that keeps your system clean and promotes maximum efficiency.

Bogue Oil's Premium Diesel Now Has SynShield™!

When you use Bogue Oil’s Premium Diesel blend with SynShield, a lubricity additive which exceeds EPA's new standard, you'll enjoy: 

• Improved Mileage
• Improved Horsepower
• Increased Cetane
• Reduced Emissions
• Improved Fuel Lubricity
• Clean Injectors
• Prevented Corrosion
• Controlled Moisture

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