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On this page you will find information about an array of our services and products. If you have questions about our services, products or your own home’s energy usage, we encourage you to browse through here and find answers to your questions. If you don’t see the answer to your question here, or you require more information, please call us at
(757) 855-6251 or contact us online.
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Delivery area

We are pleased to serve residents of the following areas:
• Norfolk
• Portsmouth
• Virginia Beach
• Suffolk (Partial Coverage)
• Chesapeake
We also proudly provide commercial service and fleet fueling in the following areas:
• Norfolk
• Portsmouth
• Virginia Beach
• Suffolk (Partial Coverage)
• Chesapeake
• The Peninsula

Checking your tank levels

Measuring the Oil in Your Tank
To measure how much oil is left in your tank, you may purchase a measuring stick from Bogue Oil or simply use a long, thin stick. You'll need to use a stick that's at least eight feet long if the oil tank is underground. You can use a shorter stick if the tank is above the ground. Either way, you must be able to reach down to the bottom of the tank.

Hold the store-bought measuring stick as straight as possible while you lower it into the tank. Once you feel it touch the bottom, lift it back out. Check to see how far up the heating oil reached. Then, read the number in inches. If you are using a plain long stick, hold it up straight while you lower it into the heating oil tank. When you feel it hit the bottom, lift it back up and remove it. Use a ruler to measure the distance from the wet end of the stick to the highest place the oil reached.

To convert the number of inches of oil you find into the number of actual gallons, you need to know the volume and shape of your tank. That's where the handy chart below comes in. For example, if you have a 275-gallon horizontal tank with seven inches of oil left in it, you have approximately 62 gallons left.

We recommend that you don't let your tank go below one-quarter full. Thus, for a 275-gallon tank, 62 gallons would be less than a quarter full, and it would be time to call Bogue Oil.

If you would rather not have to regularly check oil levels and call for deliveries, why not take advantage of our FREE automatic delivery service? Visit our residential service page for more information on automatic delivery , and then contact us  to sign up.
Download Our Oil Tank Chart

payment plans

Budget Plan
Bogue Oil offers its budget plan to both automatic delivery customers and will-call customers. With the budget plan, you pay your seasonal heating bills over 10 or 12 months. We will take your estimated yearly fuel expenses – based on your history, your home size and an average estimated fuel cost – and divide that over your preferred payment period. 

There are no finance charges when you make timely payments. Free yourself from concerns over high fuel bills during the holiday entertaining and gift-giving season, and pay one flat rate all year long.

NOTE: If the current price-per-gallon is lower on your day of delivery than our calculations, the difference will be refunded at the end of the heating season. We will also adjust for any credits or balances due at the end of your budget period.

Capped Price Program
Automatic delivery and budget plan customers get the added bonus of our Capped Price Program. Once we calculate a maximum cost for your home heating oil for the season, you will not pay more than that capped price for the entire heating season. If our delivery price is lower than your capped price on the day of your delivery, you will be charged the lesser amount.

service plans

Relax. With a Bogue Service Plan, dozens of heating system parts and labor are covered, along with your annual tune-up and cleaning. 

Bogue Oil's comprehensive service plan helps ensure that you're achieving maximum comfort system efficiency while shielding you from expensive out-of-pocket costs. This valuable protection of your home comfort system means more peace of mind for you and your family. 

Our service plan benefits include prompt, around-the-clock emergency service – as well as "priority response" over those customers not enrolled in a plan – which means you can keep the porch light on for your technician at 3 a.m., on a holiday, during the middle of a storm. Bogue's service plan also covers dozens of system parts, as well as labor. 

A customer service representative will call you to confirm your enrollment. Please note that your service agreement will not take effect until we have received your payment in full. Should you have any questions, you may either call us at (757) 855-6251 or contact us online.

Affordably priced and renewable yearly, our service plan protects your wallet as well as your heating equipment. Many customers find that the costs to repair their burner is higher than the annual cost of the service plan, which means significant long-term savings. 

Bogue's service plan also includes your annual tune-up — which is in itself a significant money-saver. Surveys conducted by the Department of Energy have proven that a tune-up can lower a homeowner's annual heating bill by as much as 10%. 

To make life even more convenient, you can combine your service plan payments with your budget plan payments. 
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